What As A Copper-Nickel 70/30 Tube And Different Types Of Copper Nickel Tubing

What As A Copper-Nickel 70/30 Tube And Different Types Of Copper Nickel Tubing

Copper-Nickel 70/30 Tube

Munot Metalloys is one of the notable Manufacturer, Suppliers & exporters of Copper Nickel 70/30 Tube. In a variety of materials like Copper, Aluminium, Copper Nickel, Brass, Arsenic Brass. These are available in a variety of specifications, sizes, grades, and dimensions to serve the needs of a large range of industries.

Our products can be applied to an array of applications like Air Conditioning and Refrigerator Systems, Electrical Systems, Heat Exchangers, Condensers And Automobiles, Constructions, Water & Gas, Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Earthing Systems, Heating Applications, and Solar Panels, etc.

Copper Nickel 70/30 Tube

Copper-Nickel, famously known as Cupronickel is an alloy that contains 60-90 % of copper. It is highly resistant to saltwater corrosion and thus Cupro Nickel 70/30 Pipes and Tubes are used in heat exchangers, condensers, and cryogenic applications due to good ductility retention and corrosion-resistant properties. Other benefits of Copper Nickel 70/30 Seamless Pipe include sustaining high mechanical stress in high temperatures and find application in oil refinery and cement industries.

Features of Copper Nickel 70/30 Tube

Copper-nickel alloys are of two types that include 70/30 and 90/10. Copper-Nickel 70/30 is highly resistant to seawater corrosion due to the presence of significant amounts of manganese and iron.

Cupronickel is a metal that is utilized in cryogenic applications. When used in cryogenic processing and storage equipment, its combination of high ductility retention and thermal conductivity at very low temperatures makes it ideal for heat exchangers in freezing facilities.

Cupronickel has a silvery chrome hue despite its high copper concentration. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, copper-nickel is used in seawater systems as well as in marine equipment including piping, heat exchangers and condensers. Also, high-quality propellers, shafts and hulls are often made from this material. Military, chemical, petrochemical and electrical equipment applications are some of the other uses for this material.

Copper-nickel alloys are used in the following areas:

  • Desalination units
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Fish cages for aquaculture
  • Heat exchangers and condensers
  • Seawater pipework
  • Offshore firewater systems
  • Tubes for power plants and ships
  • Pumps, valves, sheathing, and fittings for ship hulls

Types of Copper Nickel Tube

  • The Copper-Nickel alloy is known for its moderate strength, workability, formability, and weldability. Since it contains 30% nickel, the copper alloy C715 is also known as nickel-copper 70/30. Nickel-Copper 70/30 tubing is well suited for high temperature and pressure applications as well as high speeds and turbulent flows.
  • The C715 alloy’s low iron concentration (up to 0.5%) provides resistance to general corrosion and special stress corrosion cracking, making it ideal for use in marine and industrial applications.
  • Copper-Nickel Tubes 90/10 are forged copper-nickel alloys ideal for the marine environment as they contain 10-30% nickel. Also, a little amount of iron and manganese are added to improve corrosion resistance. It is a popular grade because of its great ductility and durability. It Cupro Nickel offers outstanding welding and manufacturing qualities. It has a built-in biofouling resistance. It has several excellent properties that make it ideal for use in low to very low temperatures. It possesses antibacterial characteristics that are second to none. It can eliminate 99 percent of bacteria in two hours.


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What As A Copper-Nickel 70/30 Tube And Different Types Of Copper Nickel Tubing

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