Munot Metalloys is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Brass Pipe 63/37. We are manufacturing these Brass 63/37 Pipes and Brass 63/37 Tubes in various shape and size. This brass variety is a copper-zinc alloy, and 63/37 Brass Tube has significant demand in the engineering sector. When zinc is added to the copper, then it increases the strength of the brass and providing it with a whole new range of varieties of characteristics. These brasses are having a lot of applications because of its corrosion resistance and strength, their colour, shape, size and appearance, as well as their joining capabilities and the effort of working ability.

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These Brass Pipes 63/37 is the excellent combination of strength and flexibility and is commonly applicable whenever unique cold working properties and most common low cost are required. We are providing the best quality of these Brass Pipe 63/37. Our range of products are available in different dimensions and grades. These Brass Pipes are widely used in various industries like power, engineering, construction and many more. Our manufacturerd Brass Pipe 63/37 provides incredible benefits it protects from corrosion, offers better resistance, weld and cold work. Our manufacturerd Alloy 63/37 Tube are widely used in today's various applications such as in fasteners, plumbing accessories, snap buttons, style jewellery, deep drawn parts, radiator tanks and cores, electrical industry components, lamp fixtures, rivets, hinges, flashlight shells, buttons, pins, zippers, stamped parts, eyelet fasteners, connectors, flashlights, radiator tubes, automobile light reflectors, etc.

We are manufacturing the Brass Alloy 63/37 Tubing with premium quality of raw materials, and these raw materials are picked up from expert team to provide enormous benefits to the clients and best suitable option for many applications whether in industry or household. We are always following the international and national standard to make our product more vulnerable and efficient. These Brass pipes 63/37 is designed in such a way that it can fit in many application or operations such as styling jewellery, buttons and many more.

We, Munot Metalloys, have a professional team for analysing the quality standard and also checking the ability of this brass pipe of its longevity. Our expert team members rea doing time to time supervision to production unit for analysing and checking the flow of production and never compromises in meeting with the desired specifications and provides best out of best efficient, vulnerable and beneficial product to our client. Before delivering the product, our professional team is analysing Brass Pipe 63/37 very well by using latest techniques, performing some test as well and if any defect occurs or any changes are required, they are modifying it and then delivering it to the desired customer with standard packaging material. And we also provide doorstep delivery to our clients without any damage. We are even labelling the products according to the rules and regulations and as per the customer's requests with standard packaging material. A great affords been taken care to avoid any damages which might be caused during storage or transportation. Munot Metalloys is ready stock of Brass Pipe 63/37 to complete the urgent needs of our clients.

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ASME SB135 Brass 63/37 Tubes Equivalent Grades

Brass 63/37 2.0321 / 1787 C27200 / C27400

Specifications of Brass Alloy 63/37 Tubes

Specifications ASTM B135, B43, B587 / ASME B135, B43, SB587
Standard DIN CEN/TS 13388 CW617N, ASTM B135-10, C 3771
Outer Diameter 4mm to 150mm
Wall Thickness 0.25mm to 8mm
Type Seamless
Form Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc
Length 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and as per requirement of clients
Cut Length Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length

Chemical Composition of Brass 63/37 Tubes

Grade Cu Fe Pb Zn
Brass 63-37 61.0-64.0 0.05 0.09 Rem.

Mechanical Properties of Brass 63/37 Tubing

Element Density Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Brass 63/37 8.44 gm/cm3 280 Min 180 MPa 40 %

Other Types of Brass Alloy 63/37 Tubing

Brass 63/37 Tubes

  • Brass Alloy 63/37 Tube
  • Brass 63/37 Pipes
  • Brass 63/37 Square Tube
  • 63/37 Brass Alloy Tubes Stockist
  • Brass C27400 Pipes
  • Brass C27400 Tubes
  • Alloy 2.0321 / 1787 Tubing
  • ASME SB43 Brass 63/37 Seamless Pipes
  • 63/37 Brass Alloy Tubes Supplier
  • Brass 63-37 Tubes manufacturer
  • C27200 Tubes
  • C27200 Pipes
  • Alloy C27400 Tubing
  • Brass 63/37 Polished Tubes
  • Brass 63/37 Finned Tube

Brass Alloy 63/37 Tubing

  • ASTM B587 Brass 63/37 Tubes
  • 63/37 Brass Alloy Tubes
  • 63/37 Brass Tubing
  • Seamless Brass 63/37 Tubing
  • DIN 2.0321 / 1787 Tubes
  • UNS C27400 Tubes
  • Brass 63/37 Round Tube
  • Brass 63/37 Seamless Pipes
  • Brass 63/37 Rectangular Pipe
  • ASME SB135M Brass 63/37 Seamless Tubes
  • 63/37 Brass Tubes Stockholder
  • Brass Tube C27200
  • Brass C27400 Pipes
  • Brass 63/37 Round Pipes
  • Brass Alloy 63/37 Fin Tube

Application Industries for Brass 63/37 Tubes

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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