Munot Metalloys manufacturer, supply, export, distribute all wide range of industrial products. We manufacturer tubes Our products have well-defined shapes, dimensions and features, and prominent quality. We use high-quality grade material in the production of Brass C23000 Tubes. We have well qualified, hardworking employees who work with the guidance of our experienced team. We have a readily maintained stock that is produced and managed without compromising in their premium quality. Munot Metalloys products have all standard features and standard quality in it. We also have a standard fast shipping service for our customers to deliver them in minimum time.

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Brass C23000 Pipes is red brass; they are most durable compare to other metals for commercial water pipes. These Tubes have a vibrant inherent color and mostly utilized for outside purposes in modern architecture. The Tube can be used for full applications because of their natural strength and intensity. They are available in different forms and specifications for the client's various demands. The Brass Tube C23000 has a variety of fabrication properties like can be used for brazing, seam weld, machinability rating, coated metal arc, and many more. It has excellent oxidation and high temperature resistant.Brass Tube C23000 is utilized in marine, alkaline, elevated temperature. They are typically used for electrical, industrial, plumbing, etc. The Tube are preferred to use in kick plates, screw sheets, rouge boxes, condensers tube, radiator cores, fire extinguisher, rotor bar, sockets, etc.

Munot Metalloys have the latest modern equipment. We make proper use of them while manufacturing products. We have a well qualified, experienced team. They are hardworking employees who work with dedication. We take high-quality raw material from reliable vendors. We make Brass C23000 Pipes, Brass C23000 Tubes with that raw material for maintaining standard and premium quality of products. Munot Metalloys also produce according to clients' requirements. We have ready stocks in our production plants and keep them without compromising in their prominent quality. We take all standard tests of our Brass Tube C23000. It goes through various analysis, and the only product which performs well in all test is going for packaging. Our product gives fill all the exact requirements of customers. We are concerned about our products and their demands. Our every manufacturerd product provide complete satisfaction result in applications to our clients. We strictly do packaging of Brass Tube C23000 after all tests, and this all test and process is done under the observation of our professional teams.

Munot Metalloys has adopted a standard door to door shipping service for our customers. The product is covered with a thick layer for preventing damages and then packed in a case. We covered the case with proper strips, and it also can be lifted easily due to its lifting points. Munot Metalloys, too do the packaging according to clients' demands. The consignment of the shipping order is given to experience professional sales. They know the nature of the shipping service. The documents and all details are provided to clients and deliver them their products with zero damage.

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ASME SB135 Brass C23000 Tubes Equivalent Grades

Brass C23000 2.0240, CuZn15 C23000 H85 230 CZ102 C2300

Specifications of Brass Alloy C23000 Tubes

Specifications ASTM B135, B43, B587 / ASME B135, B43, SB587
Standard DIN CEN/TS 13388 CW617N, ASTM B135-10, C 3771
Outer Diameter 4mm to 150mm
Wall Thickness 0.25mm to 8mm
Length 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and as per requirement of clients
Cut Length Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length
Type Seamless
Form Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc

Chemical Composition of Brass C23000 Tubes

Grade Cu Fe Pb Zn
Brass C23000 (Min/Max) 84.0 - 86.0 0.05 0.05 Rem.
Nominals 85.0000 - - 15.0000

Mechanical Properties of Brass C23000 Tubing

Element Properties Metric Imperial
Brass C23000 Tensile strength 269-724 MPa 39-105 ksi
Yield strength 69-434 MPa 10-70 ksi
Elongation 55% 55%
Poisson's ratio 0.34 0.34
Elastic modulus 117 GPa 16969 ksi

Other Types of Brass Alloy C23000 Tubing

Brass C23000 Tubes

  • Brass Alloy C23000 Tube
  • Brass C23000 Pipes
  • Brass C23000 Square Tube
  • C23000 Brass Alloy Tubes Stockist
  • Brass C23000 Pipes
  • Brass C23000 Tubes
  • Alloy 2.0240 Tubing
  • ASME SB43 Brass C23000 Seamless Pipes
  • C23000 Brass Alloy Tubes Supplier
  • Brass C23000 Tubes manufacturer
  • Alloy C23000 Tubing
  • Brass C23000 Polished Tubes
  • Brass C23000 Finned Tube

Brass Alloy C23000 Tubing

  • ASTM B587 Brass C23000 Tubes
  • C23000 Brass Alloy Tubes
  • C23000 Brass Tubing
  • Seamless Brass C23000 Tubing
  • DIN 2.0240 Tubes
  • UNS C23000 Pipes
  • Brass C23000 Seamless Tubing
  • Brass C23000 Rectangular Pipe
  • ASME SB135M Brass C23000 Seamless Tubes
  • C23000 Brass Tubes Stockholder
  • Brass C23000 Pipe
  • Brass C23000 Round Pipes
  • Brass Alloy C23000 Fin Tube

Application Industries for Brass C23000 Tubes

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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