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Munot Metalloys distribute and manufacturer standard quality products at the best price. We supply a wide range of quality products; our copper pipe and tubes ACR Applications have all standard features and specifications. We also manufacturer according to client’s requirements, we produce broad categories of industrial products, and each product is available in different specifications. We manufacturer sheets, plates, coils, pipes, tubes, and fasteners. Our all product has premium quality, we never compromise in our quality and standard of products. We produce in a huge and maintain a ready stock to fulfil clients all requirements and demands in minimum time. Munot Metalloys have professional sales team which delivery safely to customers with zero damage.

Copper Alloy Pipes and tubes ACR Applications are available in both bright annealed pancake coils and hard drawn straight length. They are 100 per cent of carbon-free Pipes and Tubes. These Tubes are produced as per the national and international requirements of clients. These products are almost pure copper tube and pipe, and available in all size and specifications. For appropriate joint configuration, we are supplying Copper Tubes and Pipes in various types like flanged, threaded, brazed with seamless finishing. Brass pipes and tubes have moderately resistant to different corrosion solutions. It serves for distribution in the water supply.

Copper Pipes and Tubes are pressurized with nitrogen to serve maximum resistant against the formation of harmful oxides. They are preferred not only for ACR application but also for refrigeration, oil lines, gasoline, fuel oil, where the inner surface of pipes and tubes are mostly free.

Munot Metalloys produce exact requirements and demands products from our modern technologies. Each copper pipe and tubes contain all standard features and standard quality. We have well qualified professional teams. They are hardworking employees. We make proper use of all modern upgraded equipment and strictly follow the conventional producer of manufacturing products. The Copper tubes ACR Applications are made from high-quality raw material, which is delivered by our reliable vendors. Our production plant is known as the prominent manufacturing plant. We adopted a versatile production process for flawless product productions. The production process is done under the guidance of professional’s teams to make perfect standard specifications. Every product goes from our all standard quality test. We strictly take an analysis of each copper pipe and tube before packaging, the copper pipe and tube which perform in all test are go for packaging. Our professional team supervise the entire production process to avoid the error of products.

Munot Metalloys have conventional fast shipping service with eco-friendly packaging. The product is covered with a thick layer to avoid damages, and after that, they are packed in case or box. Munot Metalloys also do the packaging as per our client's demands. The shipping consignment is given to experience sales which have experience and professional in their work. They know all procedure and legal paper works. All paper and documents are provided to customers. We also accept appropriate suitable shipping ways which is suggested by clients. We ensure to deliver the order with zero damage and in minimum time.

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Specifications of Copper LWC for ACR (Inner Grooved)

Standard ASTM B280, AS 1571 JISH3300 and EN 12735.
Application Air Conditioner, the Assembly Type Air Conditioning Unit, the Residential Central Air Conditioning, Show Case Refrigerator which is in conformance with the developing tendency of the Air Conditioner and Refrigerator to the high efficiency, the energy saving.

Inner grooved Copper tubes for hairpin bends in heat exchange coils

O.D.(Inch) Bottom Wall Tickness Tw Fin Groove Depth Hf
Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm
0.1575” 4 0.008”~ 0.012” 0.20 ~ 0.30 0.004”~ 0.006” 0.10 ~ 0.15
0.1875” 4.76 0.008”~ 0.014” 0.20 ~ 0.35 0.004”~ 0.006” 0.10 ~ 0.15
0.1970” 5 0.008”~ 0.014” 0.20 ~ 0.35 0.004”~ 0.006” 0.10 ~ 0.15
0.2363” 6 0.008”~ 0.014” 0.20 ~ 0.35 0.004”~ 0.008” 0.10 ~ 0.20
0.2500” 6.35 0.008”~ 0.014”< 0.20 ~ 0.35 0.004”~ 0.008” 0.10 ~ 0.20
0.2750” 7 0.010”~ 0.016” 0.20 ~ 0.41 0.004”~ 0.010” 0.10 ~ 0.25
0.3125”< 7.94 0.010”~ 0.016” 0.20 ~ 0.41 0.004”~ 0.010” 0.10 ~ 0.25
0.3750” 9.52 0.010”~ 0.016” 0.20 ~ 0.46 0.004”~ 0.012” 0.10 ~ 0.30

Other Types of Copper LWC for ACR(Inner Grooved)

Copper LWC for ACR(Inner Grooved)

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  • Inner-grooved copper tube for ACR Application
  • Copper Inner grooved FOR HVAC Industry
  • Copper Condenser LWC for ACR Application
  • Cu C12200 Inner grooved Seamless LWC for ACR
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  • LWC inner grooved copper tube for Refrigerator
  • Copper LWC for ACR Application manufacturer
  • Copper Hard Drawn LWC Pipe ACR Inner grooved
  • Copper Soft LWC for ACR (Inner Grooved)
  • Copper IGT Inner Grooved Tube

Inner Grooved Copper Tube For ACR

  • LWC inner grooved copper tube for HVAC&R industry
  • Level Wound Coils - Inner Grooved ACR Application
  • Inner Grooved LWC Copper Coils for ACR
  • Copper Seamless LWC inner grooved tube
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  • inner grooved copper LWC for ACR
  • LWC for ACR (Inner Grooved) Stockholder
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  • Inner Grooved Copper Tube

Application of LWC for ACR(Inner Grooved)

  HVAC Industry
  Air Conditioner
  ACR Industry
  Heat Exchanger field
  General Engineering Application
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Water Heater, Oil Cooler Pipe
  Power Substations

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