Munot Metalloys is a leading and well-reputed manufacturer and supplier of Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil. We are manufacturing these Copper Tube Pancake Coils of Copper in different sizes for different-different purposes. We provide highly advanced quality ranges of Copper Tube Pan Cake Coils in various sizes and patterns. These Coils are widely used material in so many industries, commercial purposes etc. Copper has ductility features, and it also protects from natural corrosion resistance. Our manufactured Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil can easily be used in refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical application, solar application, and other general engineering purposes. Copper provides excellent ductile property and has the strength to work for extended-lasting usage. And We Munot Metalloys are using best providing the best quality of Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil to our customer.

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Our manufacturerd Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil provides some extra and excellent benefits like it offers good electricity, heat conduction, excellent elongation, Good corrosion resistance, climate-hardiness, and many more. We, Munot Metalloys, manufacture Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil with the highest quality raw material and follow the proper international and national specifications and standards. We always consider our client's requirements first and work accordingly. So, that we can quickly meet our clients need and their desired conditions. Our manufactured Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil requires very little maintenance and is available in the market at a very cheap price so that all customers can take advantage of these coils.

We produce Copper Tube, Pan Cake Coil, with premium quality and standard raw material and provide our client first Coils. Our expert team members select the refined raw materials with specified tools and techniques to manufacture the best quality of Copper Alloy Tube Pan Cake Coils and work wonders in any application, whether for industry or commercial purposes. Our expert team members are always considering the needs of various industries and commercial applications and making the product more versatile, efficient, and according to the client specifications and requirements. We are using the premium quality of raw material to fabricate these Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil, which is very affordable for our clients. We manufacture the premium quality of Copper Tube Pan Cake Coil, which offers extra durability and resistance capacity to prevent corrosion.

Before delivering the products, Munot Metalloys perform many tests at various production stages to check and verify the quality standard and desired specifications by using several tools and techniques. If any changes are required, we are do it before the final delivery. We pack and label the products according to the regulations and customers' requests using suitable and standard packaging material. Great affords to have to be taken care of to avoid any damage caused during storage or transportation. Also, clear labelling is placed on the outside of the packaging for easy identification of the products. At reasonable rates and with excellent quality, we offer superior quality products with superior finishing to our esteem clients.

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Specifications of Pancake Copper Coil

Application Applied to the Air Conditioner, the Assembly Type Air Conditioning Unit, Refrigerator, Freezer, Chest, etc.

O.D(inch) Thickness(inch) Length(ft)
1/8”to 7/8 0.014”to 0.059” <100

Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties of Copper C12200 Pancake Coil

Standard Copper Alloy NO. Chemical Composition Mechanical Properties
CU% P% Temper Tensile strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) Average Grain Size (mm)
C12200 >99.9 0.015 to 0.040 >60 >205 >40 >0.040
>50 >245 - 0.015 ~ 0.040

Other Types of Pancake Copper Coil

Pancake Copper Coil

  • C12200 ASTM B280/6 Copper Pancake Coil
  • ASTM B280/6 Copper Pancake Coil
  • Pancake Copper C10100 Coil
  • PCC Copper Tubes Stockist
  • Pancake Copper Alloy C10300 Coil
  • Copper Pancake Coils & Tubes Supplier
  • Copper Alloy Imported PCC
  • Copper Imported Pancake Coil
  • Copper Hailiang Coil manufacturer
  • Copper Inner Grooved Tubes
  • Copper Hailiang PCC
  • Copper Hailiang Pancake Coils

Copper PCC

  • C12200 Copper Pancake Coil
  • C12200 - ASTM B280/68 Copper PCC
  • Pancake Copper C10200 Coil
  • PCC Copper Alloy Tubes Stockist
  • Pancake Copper Alloy C10800 Coil
  • Copper Alloy Pancake Coils
  • Copper Imported Pancake Tubing
  • Copper Hailiang Coil & Tubes
  • Copper Pancake Coil PCC - MEDTUBES
  • Copper Alloy Hailiang PCC
  • Hailiang Pancake Copper Coils
  • Copper Pancake Coils Supplier

Application Industries Copper PCC

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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