Munot Metalloys is one of the renowned manufacturers of various products of wide range in all sizes as per international standards. We are emerging as a promising supplier of various high-end products. Copper Nickel round bars manufacturerd by us is a product having high demand. We are an authorized and certified supplier and exporter of Copper Nickel round bars in India as well as outside India. Cu- Ni 70/30 and Cu-Ni 90/10 are the most common grades that are widely used for the production of Copper Nickel Round Bars. Cu-Ni 70/30 offers comparatively more strength than Cu-Ni 90/10 alloy resulting in its higher demand.

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The material for Copper Nickel round bars is a copper-based Cu-Ni alloy having a little amount of manganese and iron. Cupro Nickel Round Bars manufacturerd at Munot Metalloys shows high impact strength, quality, accuracy, and flawless finish along with good fabricability, anti-microbial properties, good electrical conductivity, and durability. It offers very good resistance to general, crevice, pitting and stress cracking corrosion as well as to seawater corrosion. These Copper Nickel Round bars & rods are available in all grades, thickness, and specifications as per the requirement of our customer. To ensure the high strength of we add various other strengthening elements to the Copper Nickel Round Bars. These offer numerous applications in various industries such as power generation, cement industry, Sugar Mills, Chemical Plants, and Pharmaceuticals, etc. Its ability to operate at high temperature and pressure, high velocity, and destructive tolerances have found use in electrical applications.

Munot Metalloys uses the most exceptional quality of raw material from an authorized source. We are equipped with all the facilities such as the latest technologies and modern machinery, equipment and tools. Our highly skilled and trained workforce is extremely efficient. We have assigned an experienced, innovative, and creative team of field experts to assure results as per the requirements of our customers. The whole production process of Cu-Ni Round Bars is carried out under their supervision. We make sure the product leaving our premises should have high quality, long life, great aesthetic appeal, and high operational ability. We ensure that the product has to pass through several quality tests at different levels of production.

Munot Metalloys is known for its timely deliveries with a convenient mode of transportation. We provide regular as well as customized packaging with all required documents specifying various details about copper-nickel round bars and other products. We are always prepared for emergencies and keep extra stocks to overcome it. Munot Metalloys usually respond quickly; expected buyers can contact us through call, mail, visit our website, or personal visit to our plant. We are capable of handling the production of any scale. The quick and definite approach can get you better deals. Our products are easily affordable and have comparatively reasonable prices. We are always ready to solve the queries of our clients. We feel every opinion is important, so please share your experiences with us. Instruction, suggestions, and recommendations from our customers have excellent value in our hearts. The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate aim.

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ASME SB122 Cu-Ni Round Bars Equivalent Grades

Cupro Nickel 90/10 2.0872 C70600
Cupro Nickel 70/30 2.0882 C71500

Specifications of Cupro Nickel Round Bars

Specifications ASTM B151 / ASME SB151
Dimensions ASTM, ASME and API
Size 5 mm To 500 mm
Diameter 10 mm To 100 mm
Length 100 mm To 3000 mm Long & Above, 100 mm TO 90/100 mm
Finish Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish
Form Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wiremesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.,
Condition Cold Drawn & Polished Cold Drawn, Centreless Ground & Polished

Chemical Composition of Cupro Nickel Bars

Grade Cu Mn Pb Ni Fe Zn
Cu-Ni 90-10 88.6 min 1.0 max .05 max 9-11 max 1.8 max 1 max
Cu-Ni 70-30 65.0 min 1 max .05 max 29-33 0.4-1.0 1 max

Mechanical Properties of Cupro Nickel Round Bars

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Copper Nickel 90/10, 70/30 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 2260 F 50000 psi 20000 psi 30 %

Other Types of Cupro Nickel Round Bars

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Round Bars

  • Copper Nickel 90/10 Round Bars
  • CuNi 90/10 Round Bars
  • Round Bars Copper Nickel 90/10
  • 90/10 Cupro Nickel Bars Stockist
  • Cupro Nickel C70600 Bars
  • Cu-Ni 2.0872 Round Bars
  • ASTM B122 CuNi 90/10 Flat Bars
  • 90/10 CuNi Industrial Round Bars Supplier
  • Copper Nickel 90-10 Hex Bars manufacturer

Copper Nickel 70/30 Bars

  • Copper Nickel 70/30 Round Bars
  • CuNi 70/30 Round Bars
  • Round Bars Copper Nickel 70/30
  • 70/30 Cupro Nickel Bars Stockist
  • Cupro Nickel C71500 Bars
  • Cu-Ni 2.0882 Round Bars
  • 70/30 Copper Nickel Square Bars Exporter
  • CuNi 70/30 Hexagonal Bars Stockholder
  • Cupro Nickel 70/30 Rectangular Bars

Application Industries for Cupro Nickel Round Bars

  Chemical Industry
  Oil & Gas Industry
  Petrochemical Industry
  Power Genration Industry
  Sugar Industry
  Food Processing Industry
  Paper & Pulp Industry
  Offshore and Onshore Services
  Marine Industry

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