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Munot Metalloys is a renowned production house for quality-based manufacturing of various copper products for different applications. Also, we are engaged in supply, stocking and export of these products in the national and international market. We are a sole proprietorship-based company situated in Mumbai, India and offer all forms and sizes of Level Wound Copper Coils for Condenser according to international standards.

Condensers are specifically designed to condense a gaseous substance or vapour into a liquid phase through cooling. There are various types of condensers with different working procedures. Still, general working is like, fluid in the form of vapour enters into level wound copper coils, and the air is made to flow over these coils thus initially resulting into cooling of coils and later cooling of vapour inside the coil rejecting latent heat with changing phase into a liquid state. That is why copper or Level Wound Copper Coils are considered as a perfectly suitable material for this application. The several characteristics of copper such as excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, ability to resist corrosion, good ductility and strength, high tensile and compressive strength, tremendous elongation capacity, ability to operate at high temperatures, excellent formability and drawability have made its place in a heat transfer device like a condenser.

Level Wound Copper Alloy Coils for condensers are available at very low costs, and turn out to be a little scrap even after decoiling. Its higher flexibility simplifies the manufacturing process. Munot Metalloys has an excellent set up of modern and upgraded machinery in the hands of well- experienced and highly skilled workforce. We have assigned an extremely talented and adroit team of engineers and other field experts with some ingenious minds to carry out all production processes and quality tests under their supervision. Munot Metalloys assures the extraordinary quality of Level Wound Copper Coils along with long life expectancy. The equipment and tools that are getting used in this process are made sure to be precise so that the resultant product should have accurate dimensions. The raw material used is made to pass through several quality tests before manufacturing ensuring zero impurity and its supreme quality. We assure excellent performance of our product with an attractive physical appearance. Our Level Wound Copper Coils for condensers are available in soft, hard and half-hard forms.

Manufacturing methods at Munot Metalloys are extremely time-efficient and assure deliveries before deadlines with proper packaging and convenient mode of transport as per the requirements of the buyer. Our well- experienced staff does the packaging in order to prevent damages and loss in features.

Level Wound Copper Coils for condensers manufacturerd at Munot Metalloys are available at very reasonable prices. Interested buyers can contact us through call, mail, website visit or personal visit directly to the manufacturing plant. We usually respond quickly. Extra stocks are always maintained to deal with emergencies. We aim to be the most trusted and reputed manufacturer and supplier in India. We are always ready to have quality interactions with our customer and listen to their views, opinion and feedback to improve our work and meet customer satisfaction.

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Specifications of Level Wound Copper Coil For Condenser

Standard ASTM B280, AS 1571 JISH3300 and EN 12735.
Application Refrigerator, heat exchangers, Air Condition, radiators, Water Tube, Water Heater, Oil Cooler Pipe.

Copper Level Wound Copper Coil For Condensor Coils

Thickness(inch) O.D(inch >
Inch mm 0.25 0.3 0.36 0.41 0.5 0.61 0.71 0.81 1.02 1.22 1.5
0.1575” 4.00 O O O O O O          
<0.2” 5.00 O O O O O O O O O    
<0.25” 6.35 O O O O O O O O O    
<0.315” 8.00 O O O O O O O O O O O
<0.375” 9.52   O O O O O O O O O O
<0.50” 12.70     O O O O O O O O O
<0.55” 14.00       O O O O O O O O
<0.625“ 15.88         O O O O O O O
<0.75” 19.05           O O O O O O
<0.875” 22.22             O O O O O

Other Types of Level Wound Copper Coil For Condenser

Copper LWC For Condenser

  • Level Wound Copper C10100 Coil For Condenser
  • LWC Copper Tubes For Condenser Stockist
  • Copper C10300 Level Wound Coil Condenser
  • Copper Level Wound Coil Condenser Supplier
  • Copper Alloy Imported LWC For Condenser
  • Copper Imported Level Wound Coil Condenser
  • Copper Hailiang Coil Condenser manufacturer
  • Copper Hailiang LWC For Condenser

Copper Alloy LWC Condenser

  • Copper LWC For Condenser
  • Condenser Copper C10200 Level Wound Coil
  • Copper Alloy C10800 Level Wound Coil Condenser
  • Copper Alloy Level Wound Coils Condenser
  • Condenser Copper Imported Level Wound Coils
  • Copper Inner Grooved Tubes For Condenser
  • Copper Alloy Hailiang LWC For Condenser Stockist
  • Copper Hailiang Level Wound Coils Condenser

Application Industries Copper LWC For Condenser

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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