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Munot Metalloys have well qualified professional employees. We take high-quality grade raw material from reliable vendors and use it for manufacturing prominent quality products. We make standard Medical Grade Copper Pipes, which contains perfect length, thickness, features, which is made from our latest installed, upgraded equipment. We are stockholders maintained without compromising in their premium quality. Each Medical Grade Copper Pipe give a complete satisfied result and resist all worst condition and perform well. We manufacturer as per client's requirements, also like in height, width, etc. We make a wide range of all industrial products for our clients. Munot Metalloys distribute every product at the factory rate to our clients. We adopted a standard fast shipping service.

Due to various medical reasons, a Copper pipe is used for EN 13348 Medical Grade Copper Pipes and Tubes. It discovers all versatile and benefits of materials. They are biostatic material. They are ecofriendly in nature. They also help to fight against diseases if we use them regularly to immune your health. They conduct lifelong durability. They won’t rust easily. Medical Grade Copper pipe even doesn’t release any harmful gases in nature while manufacturing as well as in high-temperature appliances. They are more essential. It contains natural resistant to resist oxidations. There is no crumbling as well as cracks even after the usage for decades. They won’t burn and withstand in all environments and applications. It gives lifetime benefits to owners.

Medical Grade Copper pipe is an essential tool for delivering the respiratory care system daily by patients undergoing severe conditions. The medication used to dispense compressed air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, oxygen for patients treatments. It is commonly preferred to remove fluids and gases from patient treatment areas. Copper tubing plays an integral part in a medical procedure. Due to copper Pipes used for medical gas pipeline system low maintenance and long durability, it is commonly utilized in a medical system.

Munot Metalloys have installed all modern equipment and manufacturer all standard from modern machinery. Our well qualified hardworking team make proper use of technology, to make a perfect flawless product. The Medical Grade pipe is made from prominent quality raw material to deliver all features to our clients. We have a global stand product, which fulfills all client's requirements, either national or international. The product goes through serval standard quality tests for flawless features and high quality. The product which gives perfect result goes for further procedure. The products which perform in all test go for packaging, this entire manufacturing process is guided by professional teams to avoid error and make accurate dimensions. Our product has seamless finishing and all standard features.

Munot Metalloys covered product in a layer and packed in a case; we do eco-friendly packaging. We also packed products according to client's requirements. The packaging is done in such a manner to avoid damages and deliver a product with zero cost. We have standard safe shipping, which is done by our professional sales. They know and deliver products safely. We also offer all the necessary documents with our products at reasonable rates.

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Specifications of Medical Grade Copper Pipes

Standard ASTM B68 / ASTM B75 / ASTM B280 / ASTM B88 / JIS H 3300 / EN1057 or BS2871: PART 2:1972 / DIN 1754/8905/ IS2501
Description Medical Grade Copper Pipes
Outer Diameter(OD) 4mm to 150mm
Wall Thickness 0.25mm to 8mm
Specification ASTM B280, JIS H3300, AS/NZS1571.JIS3300-2006
Material TU2, C1020T, C10200, T2, C1100, TP1, C1201T, C1200, TP2, C1220T, C12200, C14200, C19400, etc
Size Range 6mm to 108mm OD
Length 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and as per requirement of clients
Type Seamless Pipe & Tube
Application EN 13348 Medical Grade Copper Pipes used in Medical Gas Distribution system, in hospitals (ICCU, Operation Theater, Wards, Nursery etc).

Medical Grade Copper Pipe Size / Length / Weight per meter

Sr No Pipe OD mm Wall Thickness mm Temper Length Weight Per Meter
1 10 0.6 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 0.158
2 12 0.7 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 0.222
3 15 0.9 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 0.356
4 22 0.9 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 0.533
5 28 0.9 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 0.685
6 35 1.2 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 1.139
7 42 1.2 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 1.375
8 54 1.2 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 1.780
9 67 1.2 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 1.850
10 76 1.5 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 2.096
11 108 1.5 Half Hard 3 mtr | 5.5 mtr | 5.8 mtr | 6 mtr 2.992

Cleanliness / Marking and Packing of EN 13348 Medical Grade Copper Pipe


We take the cleanliness of our medical gas copper pipe very seriously. We achieved EN 13348 (medical gas) standard over many years ago and Lloyd Certified standard.


Sizes 10 mm-108 mm copper tubes are stamped and inkjet market with:
Tube Size
Lloyd Certification
EN 13448
Date & Branch Code 10 mm To 108 mm Sizes Are also inkjet marked with additional data to enable trace ability


Polythene Sheet
Polythene Sheet, Corrugation Sheet
Polythene Sheet, Thermocol & Wooden Sheet

Other Types of Medical Grade Copper Alloy Pipe / Tubes

EN 13348 Medical Grade Copper Pipes

  • EN 13348 Copper Pipe MGPS
  • C10100 Medical Grade Copper Pipes Stockist
  • Medical Gas Copper Condenser Pipes
  • Copper C10300 Pipes For Hospitals
  • Copper Pipe MGPS Supplier
  • Medical Grade Copper Pipes manufacturer
  • ASTM B88 Seamless Copper Medical Pipe
  • Table X Copper Medical Pipes
  • Table y Copper Alloy Medical Tubing
  • Table Z Copper Pipe For Hospitals
  • Medical Gas Pipeline System Pipe
  • Copper MGPS Hard Drawn Pipe
  • Medical Grade Soft Pipes
  • Copper Medical Pipe For Gas

EN 13348 Medical Gas Copper Pipe / Tube

  • Clean Medical Copper Pipe 3/8
  • Copper Alloy C10200 Medical Pipe For OXYGEN
  • Copper C10800 Pipe for Medical Gas Pipeline System
  • Copper C12000 Seamless MGPS Pipes
  • ASTM B75 Seamless Copper Medical Pipe For Gas
  • Copper Heat Exchanger Medical Pipe For OXYGEN
  • Copper Medical Pipe Stockholder
  • Medical Grade Copper Pipe 5/8
  • EN 13348 MGPS Copper Pipe 3/4
  • Medical Grade Copper Pipe For Water And Gas
  • Medical Grade Copper Pipe
  • Half Hard Copper Medical Pipes For Gas
  • Copper Tubing Half Hard For Hospitals
  • Copper Pipe Used In Hospitals

Application Industries for Medical Grade Copper Pipes

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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