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Munot Metalloys are the supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of Barss Tube Fittings. We also manufacturer a wide range of industrial products like fasteners, sheets, coils, tubes, rod, plates, and many more. We deliver a product of all features with premium quality at the factory rate. Munot Metalloys never compromise in the quality and produce in bulk. All products have its perfect shape, size, length, strength, specifications, and features. We also manufacturer according to client’s requirements and demands. We have a professional team and experienced workforce to produce an exact product which our clients require. We provide a fully functional product and deliver it to the customer in minimum time with our fast shipping service.

Brass Instrument Tube Fittings are popular in both condition like in outdoor as well in indoor applications. They are used for full applications because of their strength and durability. The Brass is an alloy that contains copper, zinc, lead in it. This composition of materials is widely used for commercial, industrial purposes. The usage of Brass fittings gives a distinct look because of its natural yellow shiny color. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can be formed into any shape. For various fitting and building, Brass is an excellent material. The Barss Tube Fittings are available with lead as content or as a lead-free brass.

Brass offers versatility and can be used or formed in different shapes and utilized for various purposes. Barss Tube Fittings are preferred for multiple industrial and commercial purposes. Extensively used for pipe fittings, grill architecture, lighting fixtures, furniture manufacturing, imitation jewelry, etc. Barss Tube Fittings are also suitable to use in power generation, seawater equipment, in gas processing, offshore drilling companies, chemical equipment, heat exchangers, petrochemicals, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical equipment, and many more.

Munot Metalloys adopted a full production for our customer. We have an excellent, hardworking team; they do their work with dedication and produce exact required products. We manufacturer brass pipe fitting products from high-quality raw materials. We assure that our Brass Compression Tube Fittings have all specifications and features which clients demand. The production is done under guidance of our well qualified and experienced team. They take care and concern about manufacturing products, to deliver a zero error, flawless products to our clients. We also accept all standard tests of our products and the products which perform well and survived in all are considered to deliver to the customers. We strictly do a standard test of all Barss Tube Fittings and pack them after all the tests. Munot Metalloys are concerned for our clients and hope that every Barss Tube Fittings should give a complete, satisfying result to our client. We produce flawless products in bulk to fulfill all client’s requirements on time.

Packaging at Munot Metalloys uses suitable packing material to pack Brass Pipe Fittings. We do standard packaging to prevent damage. After packaging the shipping is done by our experienced team, they have the experience to deliver a product with zero damage and within the decided time.

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Specifications of Brass Tube Fittings

Material Brass
Size 1/16″OD to 2″OD, 2mm OD to 50mm OD
Shape Hex Head, round head and square
Technique 0.01 to 8mm
Surface Treatment Available in BSPT Threaded, NPT threaded
Connection Type Female, Male
Nominal Diameter Mm 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2", 2.5",
Type Male Connector, Male Pipe Connector, Male Elbow, Male Adapter, Male Run Tee, Male Branch Tee, Female Connector, Tube Fittings, Female Adapter, Bulkhead Female Connector, Female Elbow, Female Run Tee, Female Branch Tee, Ferrule Union, Elbow Union, Pipe Fittings, Ferrule Union Tee, Reducing Union, Ferrule Reducer, Bulkhead Reducer, Tube Cap, Tube Plug, Flare Fittings, Compression Tube Fittings

Other Types of Brass Alloy Tube Fittings

Brass Tube Fittings

  • Brass Male Connector
  • Brass Alloy Equal Union
  • Brass Bulkhead Male Connector
  • Brass Alloy Industrial Tube Fittings
  • Brass Male Elbow
  • Brass Union Tee
  • Brass Front Ferrule
  • Brass Alloy Plug
  • Brass Socket Welding Pipe Connector
  • Brass Male Tube Adapter
  • Brass Reducing Hex Nipple

Brass Instrumentation Fittings

  • Brass Female Connector
  • Brass Reducing Union
  • Brass Alloy Female Elbow
  • Brass Male Branch Tee
  • Brass Alloy Back Ferrule
  • Brass Butt Welding Pipe Connector
  • Brass Female Tube Adapter
  • Brass Alloy Reducing Hex Coupling
  • Brass Reducing Bushing
  • Brass Reducing Street Elbow
  • Brass Alloy Branch Tee

Application Industries for Brass Tube Fittings

  HVAC Industry
  Electrical Industry
  Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry
  MGPS Industry
  Constructions Industry
  Automobiles Industry
  Water & Gas Industry
  Electrical Engineering Industry
  Marine Engineering Industry
  Earthing Systems Industry

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